Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Part I: Writing Your Pet a Gratitude Letter

In order to help with the transition of our beloved animals, writing them a gratitude letter is one of the best ways to let them know how we feel about them and the role they played in our lives. It is best to really take your time in writing this letter if you can. If you know your pet doesn't have much time left, it is best to put what you can down on paper so you can express to them what you want them to know. This can be a difficult process especially if your pet has been with you for many years, but it will help both of you in detaching lovingly and harmoniously. 

After you have composed the letter and you have articulated your thoughts, feelings and emotions, read the letter to your pet. If your pet has already passed away you can still do this exercise. You can either go to where your pet is buried or if you have pictures of them you can also read it to them that way. There is no "right" way to do this process. Let your spirit guide you. If you feel compelled to write 5 pages then do so, if you can only write a few sentences that's fine as well. This is an opportunity and outlet to give yourself permission to heal and let go.  

There are several options you can do with the letter after you have read it to your pet. You can either bury the letter with your pet, or if you plan to cremate your pet, you can also burn the letter and say a small prayer if you feel it is appropriate. It is probably best NOT to keep the letter as this will only hinder you from fully releasing your feelings, emotions and also your pet.

As I mentioned in my introduction blog, I am in the midst of  my best friend passing. It has been very difficult and I have had to mentally prepare myself for the days to come. I have written my gratitude letter and read it to Chiquita.  I plan to burn the letter and let the ashes from the paper fall where I will bury her. I found that after writing the letter and reading it to her, I was able to accept what was happening and really recognize that this is a part of life. 

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Many blessings to you on this journey!


Claudia Yolanda & Chiquita

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